I’m excited to announce that I’ve taken a position as a developer at Coursera, an educational company started by former Stanford University faculty.

I've always held education high in my list of values. As the first member of my family to complete a University degree, I know first hand the difference my education has made for my life. For many people, however, education is simply not possible. That’s were an idea, and a company like Coursera, comes in. By providing the tools, people can pursue their educational goals in an increasingly complex world. A quality education can open more doors of opportunity for people. In the United States in particular, the cost of an education, similar to the one I received, is growing even faster than the cost of health insurance.

As I mentioned in a talk I gave at the AltConf at WWDC in 2014, I personally have been looking for opportunities where I feel I can make a positive impact on the world. One of those good karma opportunities came when I helped build a client app called RocketKeys. Helping physically disabled people communicate with the rest of the able-bodied world is just the right thing to do. Since then, I've kept an eye open for more opportunities like that.

I am lucky to be in a position where I can not only do what I love doing, but make a decent living and support myself and my family at the same time. I strive to use my developer powers for good and help to solve some of the real problems in the world, and not just chase down market segments for the sole purpose of making money. Making a university level education accessible and available to more people, in the USA and around the world, is one of those problems for which I’d gladly give up the dream of an indie life...

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