Saul is currently an iOS Engineer at Coursera, a startup based in Mountain View, CA dedicated to providing universal access to the world's best education. He is a father of 2 girls whom he hopes become great engineers one day. Saul's hobbies include learning learning more about craft and Belgian beers, learning Mandarin Chinese, practicing Shaolin Kung Fu, and riding his bike. He has also been forced to take up skiing since his primary residence is in Denver, Colorado.


Saul shares his general programming knowledge and expertise in many ways.


Saul is an experienced technical presenter and has given talks at many of the premier iOS and Mac developer conferences in the United States and around the world including 360idev, NSConference, Cocoaconf and MDevcon. Check out Saul's availability and to contact him about speaking at your event.


Saul also shares his knowledge, and the knowledge and experience of fellow iOS and Mac software developers, on his popular Internet podcast, NSBrief. Topics cover a wide range of subjects of interest to fellow Mac and iOS developers from the latest frameworks to how to successfully run an indie software business. Saul has also appeared on other podcasts talking about technical iOS details.


Saul has helped organize iOSDevCamp Colorado - Denver as well as helped with the reboot of the Denver Cocoaheads meetup in Denver, Colorado. Saul has also shared his love of computing and programming with groups of elementary school children by teaching them basic foundations of computing using Scratch.


Saul has recently co-authored a book about some of the advanced parts of Core Data. Have a look.


Saul Mora

iOS Developer, Engineer, Dad, Human

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